{Whim Post} My 5 Favorite Things to Photograph (that people rarely think to do, but should)


5. People in the morning.

There’s something so real and so simple about all of us when we first wake. On top of that, what we wear to bed says so much about us. Our morning routines differ so greatly from one another~ some stay in bed for a time before rising, others are up before their alarm. Some are breakfast eaters, while others prefer coffee or tea while they melt into the silence of the morning. Me? I press play on whatever movie was playing before I fell, and allow it to wake me up as I answer the one or two texts or emails I will have undoubtedly received that arrived with the sun. Then again, there are summer mornings, and winter mornings, and weekends, and we all look at mornings differently depending on the season as well. I love capturing that.

4. The nighttime rituals that come with different ages, and months.

Children. I once went into the home of a family and photographed the parents preparing their children for bed, and what that looked like for them. Bedtime stories for the younger, intentional one-on-one convos with the elder. The brushing of hair and teeth, and the step stools that came with it.

I remember being put to bed as a child, and looking back now, I would have made 1 million cupcakes for the human who would have frozen that in time for me.

Then there are newly married couples who cozy up on the couch with the cat, and cereal soaked in nostalgia, who watch the night disappear into a cloud of Netflix and back scratches. Or the teenagers out too late in July, who are eating pizza on the hood of their car and figuring out life with each other.

Those moments. There’s no reason not to photograph them.

3. The Kitchen.

Your mom. You. Your family, best friend, or grandmother. The smells, the feels, the red toaster, the cracked cookie jar. That spot on the floor under the silverware drawer where you sat at 16 and told your mom how hard life was. The hundreds and hundreds of cinnamon rolls that have been iced in that kitchen, and the way you remember your Grandfather’s hands as you recall the way they looked pouring coffee. I adore kitchen photos. One of my favorite shoots was a mother and her three littles~ decorating cookies for valentines day, and making cards with one another in their sweet kitchen light. Maybe you make time for breakfast almost every Saturday morning with your Favorite. Maybe you are fully dressed after a hot shower and your socks appropriately read “Saturday socks” on each ankle. Maybe your significant other is still in the shirt from the day before with a nest big enough to house a family of wrens within, but you make the best versions of yourselves together. On a Saturday morning, eating pancakes. I want to photograph that. Just as you are. Bird’s nest and all.

2. Relationships.  I love couple shoots, and I am the first one in line to say “let’s hear it for true love!” However, I adore spending time with people who are clothed in the joys of a friendship that falls into a different category than that of a romantic one which globally justifies the scheduling of a photo shoot. We see engagements, and couples sessions quite often, but what about those relationships your were born into? Sister, brothers, mothers, fathers. I was a daddy’s girl growing up, and as I grew, I also grew into one of my BEST friendships I’ll ever have~ my mom. I would gladly take the time with either of them and a photographer to capture these relationships I’ll treasure forever. Same goes for many of my family members, including my Best girlfriend, Katie. These shoots would most likely take place at a fair, a zoo, or probably my bed, where a crown of twinkle lights canopied the countless convos Katie and I have had as the p.m turns into the a.m. Schedule a shoot with one of your favorite people, and do things together you normally do anyways. I recently shot a mother and a daughter at a bed and breakfast, and it was one of the more magical things. Beginning with breakfast in festive pj sets, and ending with shopping at the cutest shops downtown. Or perhaps you have that special bond with your pet that just comes, and makes sense when tails and whiskers are involved. Celebrate that.

1. A day in the life.

Okay. Let’s get real here.

By real I also mean fanciful. Because they are the same thing to me.

A day in the life. One could create a stellar coffee table book out of this. Think about yourself and the way you  live life. Or, think about your Favorites. We are all SUCH different creatures~ all molding our days differently. The things we do in a day are NEVER boring or un-photographable. If they are YOU, they are worth it. Picture this:

Your Favorite person. A flip book for your heart of the things they do that make them, THEM. If I were to capture something as such, it might look like this:

He’s up before the sun, and so the sunrise he wakes with would most certainly be the beginning to this collection. Black socks, yesterday’s pants, and either a quick work session in front of the computer, or bananas and peanut butter. The jar gets left on the counter of course, and if the coffee needed warming up, I guarantee there are at least 3 seconds left on the microwave. These things are captured as well. A drum beat, a nap on the couch, a chapter read, a thought verbalized. Captured.

I’d read this book everyday.

Maybe you have a family. Maybe you have a friendship. Maybe you have a life.

They should be photographed.

Because I guarantee you’ve never thought to do it, but your life IS extraordinary.

Get creative with your thinking. I’ll show up, and you just gotta be you.