{Whim Post} Whim & Weddings


I. Love. Weddings.

I love Love.

I love the stories behind Love, and the stories that Love has yet to write.

This is a good starting point for what you REALLY want in your wedding photographer.

Someone who is STOKED to be there. Someone who believes in something so special.


I always tell my brides:

“My goal is to make you feel at ease, and BEAUTIFUL. What I do is an art form. It’s not simply capturing a moment, it’s portraying a feeling, and a beauty I believe is inside every woman the day she gets married.


My style is: Whimsical, Nostalgic, & Candid.

I thrive in the details of the day; the in between moments. I’ll be there for the formal shots that you or perhaps your mother is requesting, but more importantly, I’ll be there as an inconspicuous, blushing shadow throughout your day capturing in the best way I can~ what that perfect day FELT like for you.

The getting ready~ the lace and the tulle, and the feeling of your mother’s hands on every button.

The ceremony, the festivities, the reception, and the Joy.



I love weddings.

Yours would look just lovely through my lens.