{Family} A Day in the Life

I’ve always found people fascinating.

I’ve always enjoyed learning about others~ their quirks and their traits specific to them, and the all the little intricacies that make up who they are.

How they take their cereal~ whole, skim or half and half. Whether or not they like ketchup on their eggs. If tucking in blankets under the mattress is necessary for them, or something they just can’t stand. What books do they read before dozing off, and how do they fill their afternoon: Errands? Painting? Reading? Movies?

A Day in The Life is a shoot I’ve created to capture these things about people. Or those you love.

Booking this shoot could look like spending the first part of the day, or the last half, or certain hours of the day you’d rather have captured. Or maybe it’s just “A few Hours in The Life” and it’s just a couple clock face laps doing something normal and everyday to you, but with that extra special sparkle that Whim specializes in.

Here’s how it’ll work:

You choose the number of hours, whether this shoot will be just you, or others and you, and Whim will take care of the creative rest.

The following example is a shoot I did with a family.

I arrived in the afternoon.

A father and mother, and three young girls.

They baked bread together, and played dress up. They showed off each of their rooms, and had peanut butter and jelly on their homemade toast. They read books before bed, and Dad helped the two young twins brush their teeth. The elder took care of her own, and pointed out her loose tooth to Mom and Dad. One of my favorite shots is her father closely inspecting the tooth under the kitchen light. We almost had the opportunity to see it pulled, but in the end, the young girl thought waiting a little longer wouldn’t kill her, however the idea of Dad yanking it out right then and there…might. There were thumb wars, and hugs, music boxes and books, and lots and lots of laughter.

This shoot was very special.

They wanted to capture the things they do as a family that were normal, but special to them.

My hope is that one day, when the girls are grown and out of the house, these pictures will be something very special to them as well.

And when they look through them, they’ll remember the way Dad’s voice sounded when he read that book, the scent of the bread baking, and the way their mother’s hands looked so feminine kneading the dough. How the lace of their princess dress felt in their little hands, and how small the world felt inside the walls of their childhood home.

And how special, important, and perfect it all was.

So, book a shoot like this with Whim, or gift it to a loved one, and experience the magic of capturing those moments that, in my opinion, go by far too fast.