River Wedding 2022

A delightful Autumn wedding on the Mississippi River.

{Wedding} Backyard Barn

{Wedding} on a Lovely Farm

{Event} 310: Grand Opening

{Musician} Fleurie on Tour in Japan

{Family} A Day in the Life

I’ve always found people fascinating. I’ve always enjoyed learning about others~ their quirks and their traits specific to them, and the all the little intricacies that make up who they are. How they… Continue reading

{Whim Post} Whim & Weddings

I. Love. Weddings. I love Love. I love the stories behind Love, and the stories that Love has yet to write. This is a good starting point for what you REALLY want in… Continue reading

{Whim Post} My 5 Favorite Things to Photograph (that people rarely think to do, but should)

  5. People in the morning. There’s something so real and so simple about all of us when we first wake. On top of that, what we wear to bed says so much… Continue reading

{Anniversary} in Owatonna

{Wedding} in Iowa